Monday, September 26, 2016

Sept. 26, 2016 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey Pals!!

This week was really good!! It was a busy week with Zone Conference, a Tuesday P-day, and we had exchanges with the zone leaders in their area, so we didn't get to work in ours as much as we would have liked. It was still a good week though! We picked up an investigator named L. who teaches Latin! Her and her husband are retired now and they have a super nice dog. She has taught LDS kids before and even went to one of their temple marriages and stood outside! She had questions about why that was, because she thought it was just a church. We explained temples and churches and how anyone can come to church. We talked a while longer and she said we could come back, and we even prayed with her so that was rad!! :)

Our investigator with a baptismal date is named S. and he is the real deal! He just got married to a member this week, and is going on a two week at the end of this week and then he will be baptized on October 29th! He has a sweet accent and is so grateful for what we do as missionaries. He is a high up businessman and played football in college. He is such a fun guy and he loves how the gospel not only has the spirit, but that it just makes common sense!! :)

Do you have good conference talks or pretty music to listen to when you want?
For music, our standards are only LDS artists, but can be any spiritual and good song by them. And if it is a group, they just have to have at least 1 LDS member. I have nothing to play music on, so we never have listened to mine, but we listen to Elder B.'s on his USB and iPad.

Do you meet as a district on Mondays?
We actually do our district meetings on Wednesday mornings them eat lunch together. 

Thanks for finding some pants for me mom. I'm 7 pounds fewer than when I left home, 12 fewer than when I left the MTC so those pants make it feel like I just got off the biggest loser!!
Sure love you all and can't wait to talk next week!
Elder Branch

Hey President B.!

I am good on questions 1-9, I do want to start my prayers earlier so I am in bed by 10:30, but everything else is going great!
I forgot that darn paper that gives us the format again, but I found it this week, read thru it multiple times, set it on my desk where I'd be sure to remember it, and then I forgot it... But I will put I reminder in my iPad to bring it for next week, and I'll try putting the paper in my case behind the iPad.

This week has been really good! We had meetings and exchanges which took time out of the week in our area which was to bad, but we were blessed too. We picked up a new investigator who is a school teacher who has taught some LDS kids and even stood outside one of their temple weddings! She was cool with having us back so I'm excited to teach her! 

I've been doing a lot better this week, this finally feels like "home" or life, not just like another camp or something, so that has helped. This area has so much potential! We feel it, as do the members. It sounds like this ward has had some internal struggles the past few months/years, and people feel like the ward needs to keep improving to be blessed with new members, so I hope we can help them. Elder B. is a great missionary and likes to go out working till 9:30 like every night, so I'm grateful for him.

Thanks for all you do for all of us!
Elder Branch

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