Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct. 10, 2016 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey everyone!! :)

I hope life's good!!!! I don't have a lot of time to Email, but I sent lots of pics this week, so I hope that will appease everyone! :)

Did you get totally poured on yesterday?

It has been pretty rainy here, but it isn't horrid. The rain hasn't ever been really heavy, so that is nice!

How's the work of teaching the gospel going?
For the work, sadly our new baptismal investigator from last week had to move to a special school in Vermont for the next 2-3 months to work some stuff out.
 :(   He won't have any contact other than mail, so we'll try to write him. We didn't get to help the people we're teaching set any more baptismal dates this week, but we did meet 3 new investigators! :) We have 15 people we're teaching right now. We plan to start teaching 2 more this week though so it is still going good. People are really busy going into the cold/Christmas season so getting appointments to teach lessons has been harder, we only got to teach 10 this week. We did however have a day in another area for exchanges this week, and Elder B. and I were both sick for a day. We still worked that day, but were both pretty ineffective. We have some solid appointments this week, and although we are have 2 days of training, we hope to be able to teach 15 lessons! :)  

How is budgeting and meal planning prep going?
Haha, for budgeting, I have been doing well!! :) We get $150 a month for laundry, food, and whatever else we might need. I spent a third of that on medicine this week... But it think I can budget well and make it without using my card. ;) We do usually eat together, I make stuff when I get time. Elder B. doesn't cook, but I have made some mean chocolate chip panacakes ;) a few times. This week I got stuff to make shell pasta salad! :)

On that note, can I please get recipes that are quick and good!? :) Can I get the Coffey's Green Chili Enchilada soup recipe, the Nash's sesame chicken recipe, crepes and any others you have? :) I would love a recipe book! Family and friends can sent recipes too! :)

I bore my testimony this week and introduced myself to the ward. It was really cool, the spirit was way strong and I might have started crying... ;) A bunch of people thanked me for it, talked about Layton with me, and a few people said they thought I was older than 18 and that I was really mature. So that was really nice! :)

One funny story, we volunteer at a senior center every Thursday morning, and this last week some people were talking about us missionaries. They thought we couldn't hear so it was way funny! They were talking about how nice we were and that we looked so good all the time, and then this one older man was like, "Yup, these Mormons come out here and serve for 2 years then go home and run for President." That basically sums it up! ;)

Love you all!!!!! :)
Elder Branch

A typical road for around here

Basketball with our District

The Elder who was here before me loved meat 
and now we have lots of leftovers and we both aren't crazy about meat.
 So far we haven't eaten any of it.

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