Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec. 12, 2016 in Exeter, New Hampshire with a new companion, Elder C.

Hey Pals!

We had a GREAT week this week! I was worried because getting a new companion is stressful and you don't know what they are going to be like, but Elder C. is great!! He is really nice, and has a strong testimony that what we teach is true and he likes to work! He'
s from a little town called Oak City in Utah. It is kinda near Delta and Nephi. He is the youngest of 5 and all his siblings are married! He has been serving for 15 months now, he came out on his mission in the same group with Elder B. He likes sports a lot, so it is fun to play darts or with a mini door basketball game at lunch or after planning!      :)

We actually had the best week Exeter has seen in the last 3 years! We got to teach people 17 times this week, and we found 5 new people who want us to start teaching them and invited us back! :) One of them who is named C. came to church yesterday and we will be seeing him again hopefully tonight and Wednesday! :)

J. sadly was sick all week this week, but she just got better! Elder C. hasn't gotten to meet her so we are excited to see her!

I am doing really well! I was really scared to be the district leader, but I am figuring it all out now and stuff is going great!! 

It is really cold here, but luckily I'm surviving so far! ;)

We had MORE CAR PROBLEMS this week! When we went to park the car the shifter went to park, but the car thought it was in reverse. The shifter stuck and then the car kept moving back, so we had to turn it off and pull the emergency brake, and then it wouldn't start again... 
So we ended up getting a different car for the time while ours is in the shop, so that is nice!! :)

Hope you are all doing great and staying warm!! :)
Elder Branch

Visiting the C.'s and Santa before Elder B. was transferred. 

Dinner with the M.'s before Elder B. was transferred.

Our district after transfers. 

Elder C. and me

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