Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Apr. 3, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hola everyone!!!

This week has been super as always! :) C. has been doing great since her baptism! We did some family history with her this week which was cool! She got a little confused at one point with new family search and wanted to quit, but we helped her out and it was great! :) We got her records in so we are hoping we can get her Temple Recommend soon and go to the temple with her this Saturday!

General conference was this week and it was just the best! :) We watched them all at the church except for the last one, which we watched with the R.'s! They are a super cool family who's dad isn't a member. They made us lots of snacks and food and we had a great time watching it together! I think my favorite talk was given by Elder Costa of the Seventy. His talk was sooooooo good and I loved all his suggestions to those learning about the Church! 

This week we had exchanges with the Elders in Portsmouth. Elder M. and I both went up there for exchanges. I served with Elder Mc. for the day and we had a great time! He has only been out for 5 weeks but he is doing great. We taught this one super cool dude who is in his 70's or 80's. He is a cool cucumber! He has a really strong accent and was really friendly! We also taught and found a few other people and got Taco Bell, so it was definitely a successful exchange! ;)

We have been going around and sharing the new Easter video with people and it has been so sweet! The new Easter video is called #PrinceofPeace and is super good! I love how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring all of us peace! As the Book of Mormon says in Helaman 5:47, 
"Peace​, peace be unto you, 
because of your faith in my Well Beloved, 
who was from the foundation of the world." 

One cool experience for this week is with a lady named E. She has been doing really well and we'd had two lessons with her before. She has a husband who is nice but not interested, yet, and a cute little boy with a growth problem. One side of him grows faster than the other. They are an awesome little family and we had a great third lesson with E. where we brought the L.'s from the ward, who also have a son with a growth/developmental disability. We taught a powerful restoration to her which was so cool! Having the L.'s there was a great help! We are having dinner with E. and her husband S. at the L.'s home this Saturday, which will be so awesome! I love how much the Gospel blesses families! :)

So I am worried that my stay in Exeter may be coming to a close. We have transfer calls this Saturday so I will get to find out if I will get to be a 9 month missionary in Exeter, or if I'll end up leaving. I honestly hope I get to stay one more transfer because of some awesome people like E. and others who we are teaching, but we'll see what happens. :)

Thank so much everyone for all you do and for your prayers! Sure love ya!
Elder Hunter Branch :)

General Conference with the R.'s

Visiting Sister S. with M.

Rock that E. made

Random cat

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