Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 24, 2017 in Newport Maine

Hey family and friends!

We had a GREAT week! So Tuesday we had a meeting in Manchester with all the other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, and the Mission Presidency, Assistants to the President and the Sister Training Leader Trainers (we basically have Sister Assistants as well. President Blair started that just a few transfers ago.) We learned a lot and talked about a ton of stuff. It was super awesome! :) I also got to see a bunch of mission friends so that was fun too!

The rest of the week was great as well! We had exchanges with the Waterville Elders and we got to meet and talk with some awesome people! I was with Elder S. who has been out for 4 months and who is 25! He is such an awesome guy, I like him a lot. He has an awesome story of how he got out on a mission, and the main point of it was that God doesn't give up on us. If we really ask if things are true, God will let us know if we really seek it out! We also tried Fruit Loops milkshakes from Burger King and they were pretty good! Solid 9/10, would try again!

Something else that was awesome this week was that even though we had that meeting Tuesday, we worked hard and prayed for help and talked with everyone we saw and met and started teaching 13 new people! It was super awesome, it was so much fun to find and get to talk to so many new people! Meeting people is great! :)

One cool story with the people we started teaching is with a couple, Z. and A. We met them at the Easter Egg Hunt thing for the city last week and they said we could come visit them. In between us meeting them and us getting to visit, they talked together and decided that they would really like for their kids to be raised with God (a religion) in their lives because they knew it would be such a blessing. So when we went by we got to have an awesome visit with them, and at the end A. gave the closing prayer which was super powerful. It turns out too that they know this really awesome family in the ward named the W. who are converts of 7 or so years! A. was really good friends with this awesome family and knew both of the W. before they got married! A. had actually seen us on Sister W. Facebook page and so that was a great connection to make! We are going back to see Z. and A. again later this week and will try to bring one of the W.'s with us! We called the W.'s right after the lesson with Z. and A., and after we told the story Brother W. was like, "Oh thanks, now you made Sister W. cry!" Haha   ;)

Well I hope you all have a super great week! Sure love you!
Elder Branch :)

On exchange with Elder S.

Maine Cooking Utensils in Camo

Mission Leader Conference

A few more pics

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  1. Lots of cool photos, Elder. It's hard to believe there is such a thing as a Fruit Loops Milkshake - what possessed you to even try it??? And you liked it????? The couple Z and A sound promising. I'd also like to know the story of the Elder who is 25 - it's good to know he had the courage to serve. Take care, Elder. You are awesome. Coach