Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017 in Newport Maine

Hello pals!!!!

This week was really great!! We had interviews with our mission President, and in mine we started talking about missionaries in the Zone and then suddenly we were talking about raising kids and teens! Haha, it was some good advice, and I'm glad I've still got a while before I have to worry about that!!

This week was so good! S. and D. have been doing well! We currently have 6 people planning to be baptized on July 15, and I'm especially excited for S. and D.! They both came to church this week again and loved it. S. was really sick though so they left after first hour, but I though it was amazing how she came even though she was sick! Originally, she was planning to be baptized on July 1st. We haven't gotten to finish teaching her everything yet and so we were thinking about moving her date back. We thought about the 15th and about how we would talk to her about the date. We thought she has made a ton of progress, but that she would still need a little more time to learn to feel comfortable with getting baptized. When we got into the lesson I asked how she felt about that date of July 1st to get baptized. This is where things went so wrong but right! We had anticipated her saying that she wasn't quite ready, but instead she said that originally she had thought that date was scary, but now she feels like she knows it's true and that date would be great! That was so awesome!!!! But also scary cause we hadn't anticipated that for some reason!!!! Haha! :) It was really good though, we talked with her and D. about their testimonies and they both said that they feel that it is all true, that Jesus is our Savior, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that we have a Prophet on the earth today. :) We told them that we know that is true and that we just have a few more things to teach before they get baptized, so would July 15th work? They both accepted that date! We will be seeing them a lot so keep them in your prayers as we go forward!

This week we also helped a member pour cement early Saturday morning and that was pretty cool! I have never done that on a large scale before so it was awesome!!

Today is Zone P-day and we are going mini golfing (which we didn't get to do last transfer because of rain). I can't wait cause there has been a lot of heatlhy trash talk about the outcome!! ;)

I hope you all have a great week!!
Love, Elder Branch :)

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  1. Good report, Elder. I know you are excited (and should be) about the 6 baptisms coming up in July. Keep up the great missionary work. I also was impressed to see you involved in pouring and finishing that cement - nice photos. I hope your mini-golf went well and you were able to back up your trash talk. UDAMAN. Coach.