Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nov. 20, 2016 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey there!! :)

I told you last week about a man named M. who we had met and had a great first lesson with. Sadly he is no longer interested, he didn't answer calls or texts, and when we went to his house we saw him look out the peephole and then he didn't answer the door. :( We are going to drop by one more time just in case, but it is really sad to see someone who was learning and loving it then just decided to stop listening.

We had another man named K. who had the same thing happen. We went to his door at 5:30 and he shouted thru the door that he was sleeping and we should go away. His wife then called us to complain about the missionaries who were visiting and calling her husband even though he had told them to stop. (He hadn't, he gave us his number and invited us to come back. The last time we had seen him he also told us he would get us visitor passes to the gym he goes to so we could go with him. We had also only called him once.) Ya, she said he was too upset to talk on the phone so she was calling. She did say however that we could write him paper letters to contact him...
To give a little backstory, K. had told us about when he saw an alien space ship next to his apartment, and aliens on the roof, and in his room, so there might be some problems there... His wife also called our church building and left a similar message, but it was pretty funny to explain that to the bishopric! We all had a good laugh. :)

We did however get to have a great week this week! We focused a lot on our investigators who are growing this week, so that was really cool to see them more! We brought our awesome Elders Quorum President with us yesterday to see J. and it was great, it helped her a lot!! :)

Oh, another win, here in Exeter we hadn't been invited to ward council. Yesterday we were invited however because we were talking about the ward mission plan. It was a great meeting, Elder B. and I were able to help insights about several of members in the ward that the ward has been missing but who we see every week or two. Our Elder's Quorum President gave a sweet intro to the oval chart and got the ward to start that. Then, at the end of the meeting I asked our Bishop if it would be okay if the missionaries were to come back to ward council in following weeks, even if it were only for a few minutes to talk about the missionary work. He said it would be fine if we started coming for a while! We're pumped, we've got into ward council and I can't wait to start working with them to help ward members and our investigators!!

The coolest moment I had this week spiritually was when I was watching the video "Only a Stonecutter" on the gospel library. It was such a cool story and the man in it is a great example to everyone! (Mom, could you attach a link to the video? Thanks!!!!)

When are transfers?

Transfers are the first week of Dec!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
For Thanksgiving, we are going to the C.'s for dinner, and then the L.'s for dessert with the C.'s!! :)

Sure love you all, and have a great Thanksgiving!!!
Elder Hunter Branch 

I got this letter from one of my awesome Primary kids! 

We found this sweet bird's nest when we were out tracting. 

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