Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nov. 28, 2016 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey there!

I'm so sorry, we had a crazy P-day so we had to split up e-mail time. We had our studies and did laundry, then took our car to Portsmouth to get an oil change and tires rotated this morning, then had zone interviews at the Portsmouth chapel, and then had to leave to help rake leaves for a family, then had Taco Bell with the I.'s, then we got hair cuts!

So this week J. is doing well, she got really sick which was sad but she is coming along. The stake is putting on Handel's Messiah this week so we are hoping to have her and a bunch of others there!

We are teaching a boy in Seabrook who is way cool! His name is E. and he is 14. I don't remember if I had told you about him. He is really nice and we hope he'll be able to come to church soon!

Thanksgiving was so fun with the C.'s!! Their whole family was there and it was great!! :)

I got to meet D.'s friend, the General, this week and he was awesome!! He has lots of cool memorabilia and we got to have a great talk about family! :)

I'm sorry it was such a crazy P-day, next week should be better! We have transfers next week and from the way it is sounding from interviews today Elder B. is leaving and I'll be taking over the area, so we are excited about the future but bummed because we have a good time together!

Love you all so much!!
Elder Branch :)

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  1. Hope you don't get sick, Elder. Are you going to be performing in Handel's Messiah? Do you sing? I enjoy your reports. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season in a beautiful part of our country, and I hope your spririt touches the lives of many who are looking for the truth.

    My basketball team (at Utah Military Academy) is struggling, but they are improving - hope we can get a win soon to lift their spirits. I celebrated my 70th birthday yesterday (30 Nov) - now I am officially a geezer. Love you, Elder. Coach