Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jan. 2, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey pals!!! :)

The people that texted you those pictures live in the Derry ward, but they are super cool and nice! I've only met them at Jeanie's baptism and last P-day, but they are neat!! :)

J. has sadly been sick all week, but we started going to her house and bringing chairs into her room and teaching her!! It was pretty awesome!! :)

C. is still doing really well too! He came to church again and really liked it! Elder C. and I spoke this week which was really cool! C. is having some hard stuff going on right now but he is doing really well and is loving the gospel! :)

We met two people named C. and N. this week and they are awesome!!! They have been taught before by the assistants in Manchester a few years ago, before moving to Seabrook. They are having a really hard time in Seabrook but hope to move soon.

Sorry guys, I'm out of time, but I have lots of pictures for next week! 
Love you all and happy new year!
Elder Branch

(Note from mom...)
Hunter didn't mean for this next part to go in the blog. Sorry handsome, I just love it too much, had to include it. What a kind-hearted guy ;) 

Hey mom, could you send 2 more of the red/coral ties that you sent to me a few months ago? C. LOVES it, and he wants to get one! He had a really hard time when the missionaries he'd know before got transferred, and it would be a nice thing to do to get him a tie so whether I'm transferred or not, he feels really loved! The reason for the other would be for Elder C., then we all three could have matching ties, and that would be sweet! ;) I can pay for them if needed. It is the reddish/coral colored one with little whitish dots. 
I think it was off tie-coon. 
Thanks so much, sorry I have been horrible at writing!! :(  I'll try to do better!

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