Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan. 9, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey family and friends!

First of all, I'm SOOOOOO sorry my last few emails have been nonexistent/small!

I am doing well!! This has been a great, hard, and miraculous transfer! Being District Leader has really stretched me more than anything before and I'm still working on trying to do all I can.

We currently have 3 people who have set baptismal dates here in Exeter!! The ward members are so excited and so are we! There is so much good happening right now and I hope I stay! Transfers will be next Tuesday so we find out this Saturday what will happen. I bore my testimony this week and talked about how there are "Good things to come". I shared the story found in the Mormon Message "Good things to come." I have come to LOVE this ward, the town of Exeter, and all the good people here that I have met and taught.

So, we have J. who I have talked about before. Her date to receive the ordinance of baptism is March 18th. C., a really cool guy who has been coming to church with us the last few weeks has a date for February 25th, and a lady named C. who we met a week or two ago is going to be baptized on February 4th!
So with C. I want to share her story. We were contacting people for a holiday food drive that the ward was doing. The people needed to be at their homes at a certain time so we could drop the food off for them, and while trying to confirm all of those, there were several who wouldn't respond to phone messages, so we were asked to go confirm with these people. After talking to one of them, we saw a lady who had lots of things she was trying to carry into the apartment. We asked her if we could help and she was really thankful! That was C. She is in her 30's and has lots of health problems, but she is really nice and cool! We shared a Christmas message with her and set a date to come back. Fast forward a week and we have gotten to meet with her a time or two. We invited her to church and she was kinda hesitant, so we asked if we could do a church tour with her that night. She really liked the building and it was good to show to her. I had a feeling to invite her to be baptized while we were there at the building, and she said that she might, but she wasn't sure yet. That night M.B., a member of the ward, drove her home and they stopped for pizza on the way. As they talked during dinner he told her about all the ways the church and Jesus Christ had blessed his life since being baptized a few years back. That really touched her, and the next morning at 9am she called us and set a baptismal date for February 4th! :) It was such a cool experience! We have the Elders from the Derry area here today and Elder D. and I will be meeting with C. again tonight! :)

So there is a lot more, but I am out of time, so I will talk to you all next week! LOVE YOU ALLLLLL! :)
Elder Hunter Branch

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