Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jan. 23, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey everyone!!

This was a great week! It started out and, as most of you know I think, I am training Elder M., whose dad was trained by my dad on their mission back in Belgium and France!! It is super cool and way exciting! We are having a great time together!

This week was pretty good, we were able to teach and find which was cool!! :)   C. has been having a really hard time and we didn't heard from her AT ALL this week!! 😦 We are praying for her and hope we'll get in contact with her soon! We taught C. Saturday night and he said he was coming to church, and then he wasn't there!!! We have an appointment with him Wednesday night, but we're going to stop by tonight and just see how he is. He is doing really well though, he had been really sick the last few weeks and was just getting over it, so we're glad he is feeling better! J. is still doing well as well!

We had a few awesome experiences this week that I want to share! So one night Elder M. and I were at Taco Bell for dinner, because that is the best, and we started talking with one of the workers. She was sweeping the floor and putting the chairs on the tables because they were getting ready to close. We just started chatting with her as she was cleaning and eventually our conversation led to the Gospel. We were able to invite her to learn more and she was really excited! We got each others numbers and we are going to go meet this week later on! :) It is cool how there are always opportunities as we are just fun and friendly! :)

We play basketball every Saturday morning at our church building with a bunch of guys, most of who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This last week Elder M. and I were able to give one of the really fun and cool guys we play with who we call The Tree, cause he is huge, a copy of the Book of Mormon and he was totally down for reading it and talking about it next week! Those were two of the fun but not typical "missionary" ways to do missionary work that we had this week.

Elder Branch :)

Elder M. (the Dad) found this picture of the Theer Family 
from their days in France and Belgium.

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  1. I am concerned that dinner at Taco Bell is "the best." Yikes!! Ha Ha. Good photos, gread companionships - both generations. Keep up the great work, Elder Branch.