Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan. 16, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire with a new companion - generation 2 of Elders Morris-Branch

Hey everyone!!! :) 

I hope you are having a great day!!!

So J. is pretty great! We have been talking with her and we will need to move her baptismal date back a bit cause she has some stuff to do, but we are all pumped for that! :)

C. has had a hard week which is too bad, but we're hoping things are better this week. She is way awesome and we keep praying for her and know that things will get better. :)

C. is well too. Elder D. and I went and saw him on exchanges on Monday and we had a good time and he said he was gonna come to church again this week but then he didn't! Because of how the week is going and set plans, we won't be able to go over and see him till Wednesday!

We didn't get to do much finding this week, but we did get to see a few people who we hadn't in several weeks which was nice! :)

I wanted to say, thanks SOOOOOOOOO much everyone for the gifts and cards at Christmas!!!!! It was so touching and I LOVED hearing from you and I am so grateful for all the love! :)

So as many of you heard, I am STAYING in Exeter!!!!! :) I was so happy to hear that! Sadly Elder C. will be leaving to Manchester to be a District Leader in a trio, but I'm glad I got to serve with that stud! :) I will be staying District Leader and I am going to train 🚂!!!! I don't know who yet but I'll find out tomorrow morning! :)

So, story time for this week, I rode a pink sparkle bike a mile and a half down downtown Exeter... J. had a little bike that she isn't using anymore and M. has a neighbor who we are pals with and she has a young daughter. J. said we could take the bike to her, but it wouldn't fit in M.'s or our car! Soooo, next most logical option, have Elder Branch ride it the mile and a half back to M.'s apartment in the rain! M. and Elder C. drove the car and I rode the bike, which ended up having a leaking back tire, so by the time I got there the tire was just about flat! The bike was small so I had to stand up and ride it the whole way which was pretty crazy and tiring, and way fun!!!! ;) It was probably a sight to see, but it was definitely a good experience. 8 out of 10, would recommend in warmer weather. ;)

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week, please keep me and my trainee in
your prayers, and love ya all! :)
Elder Hunter Branch :)

Last p-day with Elder C.

J.'s pink sparkle bike

M. sent this picture of Elder Branch and Elder Morris as new companions! 
Generation Two of Elders Morris - Branch!!

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  1. Elder, I have to say that I question your use of the pink, sparkly girl bike!! I hope the benefit outweighs the negative "press" among the area population that might be generated. Just sayin' - ha ha!

    Hope you enjoy your new comp - glad you can continue the missionary history.