Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feb. 27, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey there family and friends!

I've got a bad stomach bug and chills going on as of this morning and feel pretty nasty today, so this is the only letter I'll send out today. Thank you all for the emails, I love to hear from each of you so much!!

So, good news!! We got transfer calls and I get to stay in Exeter as DL and trainer with Elder M., so we are super pumped! That will be seven and a half months is Exeter and I am so happy! It is always nice when people tell you that you're doing well, and this week we got a few of those. With interviews with President Blair it sounds like he is really happy with the work we are doing and is super proud of us. When I got to the ward it sounded like they had been going through a pretty hard time but now the ward is doing so well and we sure love them and they love us! President Blair told us that our ward now is just incredible, and he has been hearing lots of good stuff about us. It was pretty sweet to know that the ward is happy and that they really like Elder M. and I! It was pretty sweet too cause we went to dinner at Bishop S.'s the night we found out we were staying, and when we told him that we were both staying he actually cheered and threw his hands up and gave us double high fives, and told us he had talked with President the week before and had been "putting in a good word for us to stay". :) Sorry to go on about the ward, I hope I don't sound prideful or anything, cause we definitely have a lot we are working on to be better, but it is really nice to know you're making a difference. :) It kinda reminds me of a video called "Validation" that is one of my all time favorites! It's like 20 minutes long and you can find it on YouTube, you should all totally watch it!

(Here is a link to the "validation" video)

It has been really cool to be getting so much validation from the ward, a bunch of other families in the ward have been telling us that people who haven't had the missionaries over in months/years are inviting us over. The ward trusts us to help them with their missionary work, and they are excited to bring their friends to activities to meet us because they know we won't scare them away. It is all pretty neat! :) I'm so excited to have another transfer here!!!

Sure love you all! Sorry again this is a quick one, I'll try to get better for next week!! ;)
Your pal,
Elder Hunter Branch :)

At Sister D.'s for a farewell for the Derry Elders. 
They're getting transferred and Derry is getting Sisters.

Elder D. and I on exchanges found some people geocaching. 
We signed the log too.

(These are a few pics from a video Hunter took of Elder M.) 
We met some new people this week 
and they invited us back later in the week 
for one of their birthday parties! 
 We told them we would come and bring Magic Cookie Bars! 
To their surprise we actually did!! ;)
They LOVE us now and are cool with us coming by every weekend! :)

(Fixing his tie and busting some hula hoop moves!)

Cute little kitten at the awesome Foxes house! :)

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