Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feb. 20, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hellooooooo everyone!! :)

It has been a great week! We went on exchanges with the Assistants in Manchester, as well as exchanges with the Derry elders in our area this week! They were both really cool and we learned a lot from each other on them!! I am going to work on being more consecrated to the work. I am pretty good at teaching and talking with people, but there are little things that I want to work on like being in bed on time or writing in my journal that I really want to do better at! Also I need to improve at giving correction. I am pretty chill and don't like contention, but I need to work on just giving correction as needed since I'm a leader. It is simple stuff but I know it will help me grow and learn more. :)

President Blair came to our ward yesterday and spoke and it was super good, he is the man! :) It was awesome! ;)

So we have a bunch of new people we are working with and it is so exciting!! I'll try to give you more details about more of them next week since I'm short on time this week (like I am every week... ;) ) but one awesome one is E. She is S's daughter, who I mentioned last week. They lives across the hall from the man himself, MB. We have become good friends with S. and her kids, and E. is the real deal! She is only 9 but she loves to be with us and learn from us and yesterday she even came to church with us!!! What a kid! :)

Transfers calls are Saturday so if y'all could pray that I get to stay in Exeter and finish training with Elder M., that would be pretty neat! ;) I am worried I might leave since I've been here for 6 months, but I REALLY want to stay!! There is so much good going on, and we just got a ward mission leader and so I really want to be here and keep helping things go along! :)

Sure love ya all and hope your week was just as great as you are! :)
Your boy,
Elder Hunter Branch :)

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  1. I will pray that you get to stay in Exeter and finish training with Elder M - as well as anything else you want me to pray for. You are an amazing man, Elder Branch. HOWEVER, there may be some wonderful work in a new area that is just waiting for you. NOW, get to bed on time and write in your journal EVERY DAY. I know you have the discipline! Love you, Elder. COACH

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