Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb. 8, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire and the Boston Temple

Hey Pals!

It has been the WILDEST week and a half!!! I have like no time so I'll have to send a long one next week, but to give a quick recap:

We got asked if we could get someone a Dime bag ($10 worth of pot), got hit on by a lady a few times our age at an investigators Super Bowl party (we also picked up an investigator at it though which was sweet), had 4 people come to sacrament meeting, had five new people start learning from us, N. and C. came back!, J. read all the way to Jacob in the Book of Mormon!, went to the Boston Temple with M., had some sweet exchanges, went to the place where Joseph Smith was born for New Missionary and Trainers meeting, got too much snow and ice rain and had to sleep in Bedford with no change of clothes, and just had an INSANE but AWESOME week!! :)

Sorry I have like no time, I'll try to write more next week!

Love you all!!!
Elder Branch :)

Boston Temple
on our preparation day

Exchanges with the Zone Leaders

At Sharon Vermont, the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 
for New Missionary and Trainers Meeting

Object lesson at New Missionary Trainer Meeting

Thanks to the wonderful Senior Missionaries for the photos!

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  1. Elder, you had a real mixed bag week and a half - glad you are getting investigators to church. No dimes!! What was that object lesson? Looks like a bad joke!! Great photos!! Boston Temple is nice! Glad you were abke to visit the Prophet Joseph's home site. Hope you week ahead is good. Coach