Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb. 13, 2017 in Exeter, New Hampshire

Hey Pals!

We ended up shoveling a few people out today during P-day time and have only emailed for 30 min and we have a dinner appointment so I'll get back on later tonight and finish my emailing time! :) Love you guys!!!! ❤️

We're at the M.'s house finishing emailing now! The M.'s are a super cool young couple from Austria and Germany! :) I'm sending a picture of a painting by Brother M.

It has been a wild and good week, just like most are and we're doing pretty swell! :) I am loving it, it is great!! It is hard when sad stuff happens but great when good things do! :) We have had some big storms and are supposed to get a few more so that is pretty sweet! Nothing better than brushing a foot or two of snow off your car and shoveling all around it! ;) We have been able to help lots of other people as well which is pretty sweet!! :) We started teaching a guy named P. who we found through shoveling and we have two others who we want to go back and start teaching!

J. is doing great! She and L. had a crazy week with the snow since he is a taxi driver, but she's doing well! C. is good too, life is still stressful but good! We have become really good friends with and are teaching a lady named S. and her daughter E., who we met through M. We also are teaching a lady named D. and her 2 kids, J. and R., and we hope they will set baptismal dates this week! :)

It is crazy that we are already on our 5th week of this transfer! We have exchanges with the Derry Elders and the Assistants this week so we are excited, and there is a ward party on Saturday! :)

So today we shoveled for this guy named P. and we called him to let him know we were done. We had talked about teaching him before but he was busy, so today Elder Morris said, "Hey, would there be a time that we could come back and teach you a lesson?" P. joking said, "What, you want to teach me a lesson, what are you gonna do, beat me up?"
Haha, it was really funny! :)

Sure love you all!!! :)
Elder Hunter Branch

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