Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 15, 2017 in Newport, Maine

Hello everyoneeeee!!

So I don't have like any time as usual, but this week was awesome! The missionaries had been teaching a woman named L. before I arrived here in Newport and she had a baptism date but it got pushed back. We've been teaching her now the last 5 weeks and great news she was baptized on Friday!! She is the real deal! :)

Some crazy stuff happened this week in our zone so we had to drive to Biddeford Maine on Saturday and pick up another missionary so now we're a trio for a few days! We ended up having a 4 hour round trip drive Saturday and didn't get home till 12:17am (exactly). I was super tired and so we blasted music, but missionary music isn't very good for keeping you awake. Luckily we made it though!

Other than that we had some sketchy back-road experiences with water and huge pot holes from following our gps, good thing we have a jeep!

Hope you have a great week!
Elder Hunter Branch

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