Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017 Transfer week in Newport Maine

Hello everyone!!

So, it's transfer week and the news is that Elder C. and I are...... both staying!!!! :) We are also receiving another Elder, Elder L.! Elder C. and I will still be the Zone Leaders, and Elder L. will be a third companion! We are excited to be in a trio, it'll be sweet! We have had some wild stuff happen in our Zone so we've had a third companion for the last week or two, Elder B. We have had a great time together and it has been a wild week. We have worked hard and we ended the transfer well!

L., who I told you about last week, was sick this last Sunday but she is otherwise doing well! Since her baptism it's cool to see the difference it's already making! She just seems lighter and a bit happier, I love it!!! :)

We had lobster this week!! It was my first time getting to try it and it was alright, it wasn't my favorite, but it was still pretty cool! :)

We have so many cool people to teach right now! The highlight people for this week is this cool 20 year-old couple from our trailer park we're teaching that came to church! There are doing really well and loving learning! They have so much real intent and it's really fun since they are our age!

Sure love ya all!!
Elder Hunter Branch

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