Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 12, 2017 in Newport Maine

Hello all!

This week has been swell! We had such a great week last week getting people to church, but this week lots of stuff came up and we ended up not having anyone! :( We did start teaching six new people this week, so we still had a good week. Every week on the mission is good though. :)

Our young couple, S. & D., who live in our trailer park are doing super well! They have come to church twice now and we text them every night to remember to read scriptures. They had been doing well and reading everyday, but they weren't reading a lot, so we challenged them to read half a chapter a day, and they both accepted! They are super cool! Elder C. and I can solve Rubix cubes, and they have one, but have no clue how to solve it, so every time we go over to teach them they leave it scrambled on the counter for us! Haha   :)

We started teaching these two grandmas who are sisters, and they are awesome!! They have rough family situations so they are taking care of some of their Grandkids. We taught them about the Restoration and have read in the Book of Mormon some with them, and they like it a lot so far! They also really like music, so we listened to "A poor wayfaring man of grief" by Peter Breinholt with them.

This Saturday we have a cool event going on. We rented out the movie theater in our area (it is owned by a town and only has one room) and are showing "The other side of heaven". We have been handing out a bunch of fliers, put notices in the paper and at a bunch of public places. The branch is coming, as well as a bunch of our investigators. We aren't allowed to watch it as missionaries, but we'll go talk to people before and after.

Life is good and I'm glad to be here! :) Sure love ya all!

Elder Hunter Branch

Mission Leadership Conference

Farmington District

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  1. I hope you get investigators to church. Maybe the movie will touch hearts and help folks commit to reading scriptures and coming to church. Good to see your smiling face in those photos. Udabest!! Coach