Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 5, 2017 in Newport Maine

Hello everyone!

We have had a good week, The J. Family set their baptismal date! They all came to church, as well as one of their friends, a young couple (S & D) who we've been teaching, and a part member family who we've been working with who have a daughter working towards baptism. C., a 10 year-old who came went up and bore his testimony that God loves us! It was so good! I love how at testimony meeting it is a chance to share what we have grown to know. It shows that these people have worked to gain the knowledge they share. They can learn these things through the spirit and through repentance, which is so cool!! :)

We had a Mission Leader Conference this week which was really good, I learned a lot as always and we have a bunch to help our Zone with! Last transfer we focused on being fearless which went really well! We have a new plan for the upcoming transfer and are excited to see how it goes!

This week we have someone from the mission department coming so we will have another Mission Leader Conference! That kills our time in our area, but the Lord always makes up for lost driving time and blesses us! :)

Sure love ya!!!!!!!!
Elder Hunter Branch

ps. Maine is really really green now and it it is just awesome!! :) I love trees and plants in nature!

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