Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, 2017 in Manchester, New Hampshire

Hey all!!!

Life is good here in the literal hood! My companion is Elder B. from Canada! He is a really fun guy and is way funny! He's been on his mission for around 18 months now. :) He has been really great at helping me learn what to do!

Our apartment is pretty crazy. It's like living in a big hotel! There is a exercise room in the apartment building which is awesome! I ran a 6:30 mile on the treadmill and want to work on getting under 6 min. :)

It has definitely been crazy busy! I never knew just how much Assistants did until I became one! This week has been abnormally busy and we have been working long hours at the church every night. It has been pretty insane, with helping out departing missionaries, having new missionaries come in, a Fourth of July parade, making travel plans for the whole mission for our meeting with all the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and District Leaders, preparing for the meeting, having other meetings with office staff and Mission Presidency, as well as still teaching people and helping them come to church!! Wow, it is insane, but I'm glad to get to help! :)

So I'm super sorry to cut this short but I'm out of time. I'm doing well and life is awesome!! We had some crazy cool experiences that I'll have to write about next week. Even though I was bummed to miss out on all the awesome people getting to be baptized in Newport, we found some crazy cool people here this week and I'm pumped! Pray for M., J., D., and M.! :)

I just wanted to also say sorry to all the people I haven't gotten to write back who have written the past few weeks! Life is so busy but I just want you to know I read what you write and I'm grateful for all you amazing people in my life. :) <3

Love and have a good week!
Elder Hunter Branch :)

Saying bye to Elder C.

Kids with snakes

4th of July Parade

Meetings and pals

A frog that was in a parking lot

Apartment building courtyard


  1. Cool photos but watch out for big snakes!! Good to see you happy - Coach.

  2. Hi!! My son has been called to this mission and reports in a week and 1/2. I have really enjoyed getting to see the mission through Elder Branch's eyes!! I think we may live near each other, because I recognized the bird refuge in his pre mission picture!! (we live in Syracuse)

    1. Hello Kathee! So excited for your missionary and you! I'll mention you to Elder Branch in my letter tonight so he can be watching for your son in September. <3