Monday, July 24, 2017

July 17, 2017 in Manchester, New Hampshire

Hello hello!!!

This week has been so busy. I bet like 90% of my letters say that, but don't check! ;)

So, this week we got to go out and teach a little more which was nice! And last week I promised to talk about people more, so here we go!

We have been working with this really cool couple named M. and J. They are in their 20's and have a cute little girl named H. who is like 2 months old! J. is the daughter of someone else we are teaching, but since we have started teaching M. and J. they have just been flying with their progression! It is amazing, they keep all their commitments and are so fun and nice! I have never seen people on my mission who are better at doing what they say they will. We often have gotten to a lesson and they tell us all about what they read and how much they love it! We gave J. the Plan of Salvation pamphlet last week, and yesterday when we went to teach it, she basically just taught us instead!! Then she decided to give the opening and closing prayer without being asked! They have accepted a baptismal date of August 12th so pray for them!

Ok, real quick Newport Maine flashback! So we were teaching S. and D. who lived in our trailer park. I was so bummed to leave after seeing how well they were doing, but I found out this week that they are going to be getting married and then will get baptized later that week!!!!!!! Haha, I'm so happy!! 😊😊😊 Hopefully I can go up to see their baptism!

The last person I want to talk about is a lady named M. We met her last week in the craziest way!!! So if you remember the kids with the snakes pictures last week, that is where we are starting. We were walking down the street and saw those kids with massive snakes! We stared talking to them and suddenly a lady from a nearby apartment walked up. She asked if we were Mormons, to which we said yes! She said that was awesome because she was originally from South Sudan, but lived in Utah now and was a member of the church! She had joined with her husband 7 years prior, and she was actually looking for the missionaries because her mom who lives at the apartment she had come from wanted to join the church! They had been told there were no missionaries in Manchester, but I guess we proved them wrong!! ;) The daughter was actually only in town for 4 days, so it was crazy we got to meet her! Her mom is M. and she came to church this last week and loved it!! She is going to keep coming and wants to bring her grandson as well, who is actually the one holding the snake! :) Isn't missionary work awesome!?!?

It's been really cool to get to see so many missionaries and work with President Blair. Talk about being busy, you ought to see him!

Well I hope you all have a great week and stay happy!!

Elder Branch :)

(The first two pictures were texted to us 
from awesome people in New Hampshire!
Thanks Sister G. and ?)

These pictures were from the mission facebook page - thank you!

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