Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 31, 2017 in Manchester, New Hampshire

Hello hello!!
This has been another great week! It feels like the most relaxed one I've had this transfer, which is funny because we still had a Zone Conference in Vermont,
New Missionary and Trainers Meeting also in Vermont, and 2 exchanges! 

I got to go to Lowell on one of them which was wild!! Lowell just got added to our mission a couple months ago, and it is bigger than Manchester! I was there with a missionary who has only been out for 3 weeks and that was really cool to be with someone so new and excited and nervous! :) That was me almost a year ago! I have been refreshing on Spanish a bit for kicks! Yesterday I actually got the opportunity to invite someone to learn and got their information in Spanish to refer to the Spanish elders here in Manchester! That was pretty neat! :) 

The other exchange was with Elder B., my trainer!! He is a Zone Leader in Vermont now and only has 8 weeks left on his mission! That was pretty wild and fun to be with him for the day. :)

This week M. accepted a baptismal date for September 2nd! It was so cool, M. is the best! M. was playing in a soccer game this week so we went to support him and get to meet people. It was fun to be around a soccer field and feel the energy of a game, I wanted to get out there and play too! :) The game ended up not being the best place to get to talk to people because they were too into the game. We did get to talk to M. for a while though so it was good. We had to leave pretty quickly because we had another lesson, but it turned out M.'s team won! The family all went out and celebrated after and apparently they were out till 3 in the morning! They were all supposed to come to church, but it started and no one was there! We were way bummed because we thought we would have around 7 people there with M.'s family and M. and E., but they all had stuff come up. But like five minutes into the meeting M. walked in! He said he just had to come to church! :)  He loved church again and everyone is getting to know him and wants to come help with his lessons! :) 

We met this awesome guy named L. this week because we were walking down his hall and heard him playing Sonic the Hedgehog loud enough we could hear it from the hall. At first he only seemed like he was indifferent whether we came back or not, but when we came back for our return appointment he was awesome! We explained how after Jesus left and the apostles were killed off that the church was lost and those truths slowly got broken down, so the world went into apostasy. L. was like, "Ya I see that today. After Jesus left it was like one of those chain letters getting retyped a few times and it kinda lost its original meaning without the prophets." We were so blown away that he was able to understand that and explain it so well back to us, what a guy! :) He understands the importance of acting on what we teach because he wants to see if Gods promise is true, that if you seek and ask, having faith and repenting, then God will answer your prayers and let you know!

This week will be our most calm of any weeks so far so I'm looking forward to it! There really is something so cool about being able to work all day to help people learn of their Savior!

Today is also Zone Pday which is always a blast!

Sure love you all, have a super week!!
Elder Branch :)

Check out this video from our training about how to be brave and open our mouths and share...

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  1. Glad M finally showed up to church - sounds like he will be baptized. I loved the Joseph Smith, Jrr. monument, and the large group photo was pretty awesome. L sounds promising - seems like he has put some thought into "religion." Loved to see your smiling face, Elder. Udabest. Coach