Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017 in Manchester, New Hampshire

Hello all!! :)
This week has been pretty swell! M. and J. came to church again with their little baby and it was awesome!! :) They are excited to come again next week! We were able to teach J. the Word of Wisdom this week which she readily accepted! Their hoping to be baptized on the 12th of August, which might be changing, but either way they are the coolest! 

M. couldn't come this week, but something cool with that is that she called us and let us know! She also called the lady who was going to give her a ride to apologize! M. is too awesome! :) She couldn't come because she had to work, but she told her boss that she can work all the other 6 days of the week if she can just have Sunday off! We got her some pamphlets this week that are in Arabic, because she reads that better than English. She also hopes to be baptized on the 12th, so keep her in your prayers!

One crazy thing that happened this week was at at the end of an exchange Wednesday night. We were all in Manchester and the other 2 sets of Manchester Elders and we were at a BBQ that a recent convert was having. As we were getting ready to all leave a guy walked up to us and said, "Hey Elders!" He shook all our hands and then started walking back down the street. The Elders picked back up their conversation when I had a feeling to ask who that guy was. I was assuming he was a member I hadn't met yet, or one of the other Elders investigators who I hadn't met since I'm still pretty new around here. I asked though and no one had a clue who he was!! I grabbed Elder P. who has just been out for three weeks and we ran down the street after this guy to see who he was! We caught him and it turned out his name is D. and he use to work with missionaries at a food pantry years ago! He has been having a rough time recently with work and family, and he would love to talk with us more! It was so crazy that there were 8 of us missionaries standing there and a guy literally came up off the street to say hi, and we almost missed the chance to help him! Thank goodness for the Holy Ghost and for good shoes!! ;)

I got to conduct my first Zone Conference this week. I've conducted things plenty of times before with church, Student Gov, and Boys State stuff, so I wasn't nervous, but apparently I don't do so well when running on 3.5 hours of sleep and then sleeping on the floor after 4 hours of driving! I might have accidentally said that I was presiding at the meeting, to which President might have made funny gestures that it was going to my head. Haha, it was way funny, luckily I caught myself pretty quickly and hey, if nothing else, it was a pretty funny way to start off the meeting! ;)

Hope you all have a great week!!!!!!!
Elder Branch :)

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