Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017 in Newport Maine

Hey pals!! :)

It has been another swell week in Maine!! :) Being in a trio is pretty fun, it is cool to have two companions! We found a bunch more fun people this week and had lots of great lessons! We invited a bunch of the awesome people we're teaching to come to church, and 5 were able to make it! :) It is pretty fun because we have had a bunch of different people with us at church each of the last 3 weeks, now the hope is having them all there! ;) To help one family who came this week, we brought a simple breakfast that morning for them so they could just focus on getting ready! It was pretty awesome to get to help them attend church by thinking outside the box!

So this transfer we found out we will be having a couple extra leadership meetings down in Manchester, as well as we will be visited by someone from the mission department and by Elder Snow of the seventy! It should be a fun and wild time!! :)

This week I had a conversation with some drunk people and it was pretty interesting! They said some funny stuff and were pretty wild, but they were REALLY happy that we like Jesus, so that was a plus! They asked which one of us was driving and offered the non drivers a sip of their vodka, which we kindly declined. ;)

Missions are the best, I'm so glad I get to serve the lord! 
Sure love you all! :)
Elder Hunter Branch

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  1. Watch out for goats!! Glad you are enjoying your two comps!